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I’ve created this blog as a back-up space for all original content off of my tumblr, aro-soulmate-project. I have already imported existing posts. My home base will still be tumblr unless I or the site gets nuked, and the easiest way to contact me would be through there. Advertisements

mycroftrh: I’ve been on this website a pretty long time – since 2012 – and in the non-straight side of it for that whole time, so I’d like to talk about a bit of recent history, both of the site and from my point of view. When I started, I didn’t yet identify as asexual […]

lonerravenclaw: waywardexplorer: lonerravenclaw: the found family trope in fiction is an inherently queer trope because it directly involves deconstructing the heteronormative notions of what family is and involves defining what family is for oneself rather than assuming that the people you are biologically related to are always going to support and care for you. Furthermore […]

aroworlds: I don’t know what’s up with all this today, since I’m seeing cissexism, transmisogyny and exorsexism being discussed on a couple of different aro blogs, concerning a couple of different people. I’m quite disappointed, given that for so long the aro-spec community felt so unquestioningly accepting of all trans, non-binary, genderqueer, agender and cultural […]

aroacepagans: polypaganpancakepearl: aroacepagans: demi-romantics: aroacepagans: I’ve seen a number of posts going around implying that any aspec organization that provides more ace resources than aro ones is participating in aro eraser and aro-antagonism, and while I see where that idea comes from I think it’s really a huge oversimplification of what’s going on. Because the […]